Our Story

It all started with our love of traditional Italian Gelato and a little French van…

After many years living in Europe, we developed a passion for two things - beautiful Italian Gelato & Sorbet, and the iconic (and very cute), Citroen H van.

One day we had a “lightbulb moment” and thought - hey, what if we combine these two passions and deliver a completely new mobile Gelato experience when we return home to Australia?.

Alison and Andrew Gelato a Go-Go.png

In 2015 we arrived back in sunny Brisbane and embarked on turning our dream into a reality, however this was neither a quick or straightforward process…

Finding a good H van was the first job, but that’s no easy task as most of them these days are in a pretty poor state. After a lengthy search, we finally located our little gem in the south of France and our Gelato à Go-Go journey was underway!

Our newly discovered H van was in pretty decent shape, but it was still in need a thorough restoration which was lovingly carried out in the UK. While this was happening we had time to contemplate the most important part of Gelato à Go-Go - the Gelato & Sorbet.

We wanted to offer the very best, locally made Gelato & Sorbet possible, so we were delighted to team up with a multi award winning and critically acclaimed Gelato maker from Maleny, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Made fresh daily using quality ingredients and locally sourced Guernsey milk & cream, we are very proud to serve such a fine Queensland product.

Andrew and Alison Gelato a Go-Go in Brisbane.png

Finally, in 2017 our newly restored H van arrived in Australia, along with our “Pozzetti” cabinet from Italy, and it was completed with a professional design and commercial fit out on the Sunshine Coast….a truly international effort!.

You’ll now find us events, functions and festivals, both large & small, all over Brisbane & the South-East. We are also available for hire at private parties, corporate events, birthdays, weddings and for pretty much any other event you can think of!.

You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook or the Brisbane Food Trucks website for weekly updates and where we will be located next.

We look forward to serving you soon.

Andrew & Alison