The Pozzetti

Why our Gelato & Sorbet is “Hidden”

We have chosen the traditional Italian way of storing and serving Gelato & Sorbet – the “Pozzetti”.

Although you can’t see our flavours and their wonderful colours, the Pozzetti style Gelato cabinet has some important advantages over a glass display Gelato cabinet.

The Pozzetti uses stainless steel tubs to store each individual flavour of Gelato & Sorbet. These tubs are kept within separate chambers of the cabinet which are then covered with their own individual “bell” lid. This system stops any cross contamination between flavours that can sometimes occur in a glass display gelato cabinet, and in our hot Queensland climate, the Pozzetti is also much better at keeping the Gelato & Sorbet at a consistent temperature, ensuring it is kept fresh and in the very best possible condition.