Our Van

Say hello to our beautifully retro and iconic Citroen H van.

Affectionately known as “nez de cochon” or “pig nose” in France, these workhorse vans kept that country moving for decades and are now a very collectable classic vehicle around the world.

When we found our H van it needed of a fair bit of love to get it road going again.

A complete body and mechanical restoration was undertaken and several long months later, it was ready leave Europe forever bound for a sunnier life in Australia.

After the long boat ride, it landed in Brisbane and was now ready to be professionally fitted out for commercial use and our custom made “Pozzetti” Gelato cabinet installed.

Again, several long months later, the fit out conversion was complete and it was finally ready to grace the streets of SE Queensland.

We now think our old Citroen is one of the most eye catching and cutest Gelato/ Ice Cream vans anywhere in Australia.

Our vintage van can run either on household mains power or fully independently using deep cell batteries stored on board.

Our unique battery system allows us to operate in silence, without the need of a noisy & smelly generator found in most ice cream vans. This also means we can operate safely in both indoor and outdoor venues.